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Owning the Golden Keyword

It’s that time again to push the limits of technology, so to see farther, to dig deeper, and to discover that which exists on the outer edge of possibility. In this article, we will publish our results, provide a full analysis, and discuss our search for indications in Bible Code.


We used a list of 20,300 keywords that were all exactly 10 characters long. Out of that list of 20,300 keywords, only 19 keywords where found within the entire OT. Which means that only .094% or only 1 out of every ~1068 possible keywords in our list was discovered.


a = 20,300 possible keywords
b = 19 total keywords found


b/a * 100 = .094% of list found

And let,

a = 20,300 possible keywords
b = 19 total keywords found

Now, reduce both values by a factor of 19.


b/19 / a/19 = 1 / 1068.421 (1 out of ~1068) = .094% ✓


See a full list of the 20,300 keywords that we used to gather the following results:

Book Total Keyword(s)
Amos 0 N/A
Daniel 0 N/A
Deuteronomy* 0 N/A
Ecclesiastes 1 RENOTIFIES
Esther 0 N/A
Ezra/Nehemiah 0 N/A
Habakkuk 0 N/A
Haggai 0 N/A
Hosea 0 N/A
Jeremiah 1 N/A
Joel 0 N/A
Jonah 0 N/A
Joshua 0 N/A
Kings 1 N/A
Lamentations 0 N/A
Leviticus* 1 NATIONALLY
Malachi 0 N/A
Nahum 0 N/A
Obadiah 0 N/A
Proverbs 0 N/A
Psalms 0 N/A
Ruth 0 N/A
Song of Songs 0 N/A
Zechariah 0 N/A
Zephaniah 0 N/A

* Denotes one of the five books of Moses.


Our statistical analysis ends with calculating the probability value for each available keyword, because we do not have a sufficient amount of keywords at this time to perform a reliable t-test for groups of 10. Our results range from 0.000000541410 to 0.000008478672.

Keyword Book P-Value Unique
BANDOLIERS Chronicles 0.000000543226 YES
PRETESTING Chronicles 0.000000546954 YES
RESOUNDING Chronicles 0.000000541410 YES
RENOTIFIES Ecclesiastes 0.000004892631 YES
CONTRITION Exodus 0.000000814237 YES
ERADICATES Exodus 0.000000820252 YES
OVERLOADED Exodus 0.000000815734 YES
REBELLIONS Ezekiel 0.000000668656 YES
ADMITTANCE Genesis 0.000000709504 YES
LEADENNESS Genesis 0.000000717223 YES
RETROCEDED Isaiah 0.000000720629 YES
RETROCEDES Isaiah 0.000000721897 YES
STATISTICS Isaiah 0.000000715235 YES
CONSIDERED Job 0.000001448304 YES
REITERATED Judges 0.000001425970 YES
NATIONALLY Leviticus 0.000001089078 YES
NEMERTINES Micah 0.000008478672 YES
STONEBOATS Numbers 0.000000787889 YES
TANTALITES Samuel 0.000000595251 YES

If the value listed under the column Unique is set to YES, then this denotes that its associated keyword could only be found one time within the entire Old Testament.


Although, our list of keywords were preselected, we still had absolutely no control over which keywords would be discovered. Many of these keywords are quite uncommon in everyday speech, therefore we define each available keyword for your convenience, below:

Keyword Definition
BANDOLIERS A shoulder-belt with loops or pockets for cartridges (ammo).
PRETESTING A preliminary test that precedes the final test.
RESOUNDING A long and loud sound.
RENOTIFIES To inform or give notice to someone multiple times.
CONTRITION Sincere and profound remorse for sin.
ERADICATES To destroy someone or something completely and utterly.
OVERLOADED To load beyond capacity; to be overburdened.
REBELLIONS Resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.
ADMITTANCE The permission or right to enter into a certain location.
LEADENNESS A profound sense of despair or loneliness; deep hopelessness.
RETROCEDED To have gone back; to have retired; to have receded.
RETROCEDES To go back; to retire; to recede.
STATISTICS The study of probabilities and outcomes in the natural world.
CONSIDERED To have thought about or decided upon a subject with care.
REITERATED To have repeated the same statement multiple times; often in excess.
NATIONALLY Pertaining to an entire nation as an organized whole unit.
NEMERTINES Any member of the invertebrate phylum Nemertea; ribbon worms.
STONEBOATS A flat sledge or drag used for transporting heavy materials.
TANTALITES A mineral consisting of a heavy dark lustrous oxide of mostly tantalum.


The list of keywords that were found are quite amazing, not just because they are all defying the odds while weighing in at an astonishing 10 characters long, but also because many of them appear to summarize the plain-text from which they were extracted.

Keep searching,

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  1. J.Cross
    October 21, 2013 at 2:04 pm

    I don’t quite understand all this, however, besides what I found in my searches, there is something rather rather extraordinary, outside the mere searching and finding of the words I found, that, proves without a doubt, at least for me, this is real. The results of my search still has me totally baffled and fully know that HE IS.

    • October 21, 2013 at 5:24 pm

      Hi J.Cross,

      What you are looking at here in this article are what we call “indicators”. They help us to locate places in the text where an encoded message(s) may occur. We like to think of our system as a proverbial metal detector and the indications we find are like the proverbial “beep, beep, beep” sound, thus denoting where to begin our search.

      Because we approach Bible Code as cryptographers, we deploy methods that help us to determine where to look and once we have found a few good indications of where to start, then we begin attempting to find signs of intelligence (i.e. purpose).

      Because we know the encoding method (i.e. ELS), we can build models and observe that these words are indeed encoded geometrically, which tells us what sort of mathematical algorithm is used to encode the text, which is, of course, geometric.

      So, when we find an indication, we begin to search for mathematical patterns and when one can create a logical sentence mathematically, then right there is the only evidence anyone would need. Today we are able to make this an automatic system.

      By the grace of God, someday our software will crack the entire code -automatically. 🙂


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