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3D Bible Code Viewer

Have you ever wondered how Bible Code was encoded? Well, we have just spent the last 14 months answering this very question. In this article we will introduce to you our new 3D Bible Code Viewer, explain how it works, and we’ll even show you a few actual examples.


Our new 3D Bible Code Viewer is our take on the “Wheel of Formation”, described in the Sefer Yetzirah, that changes the way we view our results. Our users can now view their discoveries in a 3D geometric spiral projected upon a 2D surface and observe how Bible Code might have been encoded mathematically using a geometric algorithm.

In the examples below, you will see that our viewer will also draw a line that traverses about the spiral, therefore connecting each character in standard sequence, and by doing so we see a geometric shape within a geometric spiral take form and we can then see, quite clearly, how mathematics not only verifies our discoveries, but also defines how they were encoded.

How it Works

Our 3D Bible Code Viewer is easy to use and access via You can access the 3D viewer online by clicking the new “3D Viewer” button located above each matrix.

Although the output generated by our 3D viewer appears quite complex, the logical process is actually quite simple. Our 3D viewer uses a special ID code that tells our viewer where to find all of the associated keywords, indexes, and their respective ELS values.

From this data our viewer calculates the required length and size of the spiral and creates it using actual text from the Bible in the precise location where the keyword was found. Our 3D viewer then draws a line connecting each character, thus forming a geometric shape.

Unfortunately, large keywords or keywords with a large ELS value are currently not viewable by our 3D Bible Code Viewer, because 3D geometric spirals projected upon a 2D surface tend to grow rapidly outward and therefore become much too large to be processed online.

In this instance, our 3D viewer will denote that the event has taken place and any remaining output generation will continue until there are no further keywords to process. Therefore, in some cases, there may not be any available output generated by the viewer.

Our 3D Bible Code Viewer displays a separate visual representation for each individual term that is associated to each discovery, so in order to navigate through each image, simply click the thumbnail that represents the keyword you would like to load in the 3D viewer.

Actual Examples

Click any thumbnail below to view the full-size image.


To see our new 3D Bible Code Viewer in action, please checkout the free online demo.


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