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Discovering the Golden Keyword

March 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Just recently, the DivineCoders Research Team has discovered seven “Golden” keywords and in this article we will reveal what those are and discuss how they might help us to unlock the secrets of Bible Code by indicating places in the text where messages are encoded.

Statistical Significance

Quite simply, we determine how average or above and below average a keyword is based on the mean value of the group with which they belong. Based on mathematical comparison, we are able to distinguish what is the product of purpose from that which is random.

The “Golden” Keyword

The “Golden” keyword is one that is both high in statistical significance and unique (relative to the entire Old Testament). To qualify as a “Golden” keyword, here are the conditions:

1. The keyword must t-test high.
2. The keyword cannot be found more than once within the same book.
3. The keyword cannot be found in more than one book.
4. The keyword must adhere to the DivineCoders Research Standards.

Needless to say, the “Golden” keyword is quite rare, nevertheless, our team has just recently uncovered several keywords that satisfy all of these conditions. Notice the incredible keyword STATISTICS, having 10 characters, which is currently the longest keyword on record:

UPDATE: Owning the Golden Keyword

Keyword Book #
CROWLEY Zechariah 7
DISOBEY Samuel 7
PRESIDENT Ezra/Nehemiah 9
LINCOLN Jeremiah 7

Needle and Haystack

Imagine a single needle in a haystack. If there is but one needle in the entire haystack, how would you go about finding it quickly? You could shuffle through each piece, which would last forever, or you could use a metal detector to help you pinpoint a possible location.

When you hear the “beep, beep, beep” that is an indication of where you should search and, if you were careful, you might find the needle a lot quicker, right? Well, that is our approach to Bible Code, where specialized software is our metal detector and the “Golden” keyword is our proverbial “beep, beep, beep” -telling us where we should begin our search process.


Now that we have developed the means to test for statistical significance and have identified several promising points of entry, we are now closer than ever to unlocking the secrets of the Bible. Next time we will dive deeper and explore the critical correlation process.


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